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Welcome to this Automatic Lead Tools Overview.

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So in the above video we show you how you can access an unlimited supply of leads. Then how you can contact those leads sending them a personalized message so that you can sort through and find only the hottest prospects that actually want to contact you about what it is that you have to offer.

Then I’m going to show you how to create a customized sales funnel so that you actually do get their most current and updated information and then they can fall into your autoresponder system so that you can, through automation, send them unlimited follow up messages an unlimited amount of times.

Then I’m going to show you how to create an OnDemand webinar that you can funnel your prospects to through your follow up system or you can send them directly to from the message that you’re going to send out to them. The OnDemand webinar will allow you to attach any type of presentation or video that you have done or your company has done that converts your prospects into sales. It’s going to allow you to automatically, through an automated process, generate sales and you will never have to worry about doing any type of home meetings or getting on the phone if you don’t want to do that. This is complete automation and I want to show you exactly how it works.

We’re going to go through this relatively quickly and I’m going to show you how fast this can be done in real time.
First we’re going to go to our data mining software and we’re going to access the software. We just click data mining. Now once we have the software you can see we can use Google, Bing, MerchantCircle, Yahoo, Craigslist, and backpage. For the first example I’m going to go to the Google extractor.

The first thing I like to look for is other network marketers. Why do I do this?
1. Well for one, I don’t have to convince someone who is already in an MLM or a network marketing company or a home based business opportunity that they need leads.
2. They also already believe that a home business/mlm/network marketing company is a great thing as long as they have leads.
3. Another thing is that I have a 97% chance that they are already struggling in their home business. They need some sort of guidance, they need something better, they need some kind of help, because they’re not making it right now.
So perhaps that better way is your opportunity and that person to follow is you.
4. Also, did you know that the average successful marketer has been in, on average, between five and seven other network marketing companies before they became successful. In fact Stephan Dessalines, one of the founders of Automatic Lead Tools, was in 8 different companies before he found success. Those are just some of the reasons why current home business owners and network marketers are some of the best types of people to target.

One of the places I like to go is because all the top and upcoming companies are found here. Even the ones on the bottom. What we would like to do is target the ones in the middle. Not the ones on the top or the bottom. Nothing too popular and nothing too far down below.

So we can look at some of the MLM top performers of the last 6 months. So let’s grab this company here “WakeUpNow“. Obviously you’ve heard of some of these companies… You probably heard of this company depending on when you’re watching this video. We are going to take that right over to the extractor and we’re going to paste it in and go ahead and extract the leads.

So you will see that it pulls email addresses and phone numbers. I’m going to go ahead and cover these up so that their information remains private. But you can see that this just keeps pulling more and more data. In a very short period of time we are going to have hundreds of email addresses and phone numbers of people that are in wake up now. Don’t forget, we know that, because of statistics, that about 95% of them or more are struggling and not making any money and are probably looking for a way to become successful working from home.

So let’s click on complete extraction and see what we’ve got. In just less than a minute we have 3890 email addresses and 1140 phone numbers. Now this list is going to extract right into our extracted lists page where we can see WakeUpNow and right here is the list that we can download right here as a CSV file right onto our computer.

Now what we’re going to do is we are going to immediately create a phone broadcast message to send to those WakeUpNow people.

So here’s what we’re going to do… we’re going to come over and we’re going to click broadcast and we’re going to go over to the voice broadcast platform. Then we are going to click broadcast. Now what we’re doing is we’re sorting through those thousand plus people to find only the hottest prospects. They are going to give us their most current email address and we’re going to get them into our sales funnel.
We’re going to create a broadcast. We’re going to name it and we’re going to describe it. And we’re going to put our name and our caller ID name and our caller ID number into the form. We’re going to select the times we want this to go out. If we are sharing this set of leads with any number on our team we can put the number of people we are sharing with to let the system know. Some of these people might be home. Some of them might have their voice machine on and their voicemail picks up.

Now we have the option of choosing a single message for voicemail or a single message for live people or both and we can give them an 800 number or a website or both. We can have these messages only go to live pickups as well. Those people can actually be transferred to another number so we can put all that information right here in the form. We can schedule 5000-10,000-20000 or more calls per hour. You can use AMD which is automatic machine detection. So depending on the message the system will figure out who is real and who is an answering machine.

We have a full tutorials that explain each piece of this system. At this point you can record your message and hopefully you have that typed out somewhere. We also have samples in the back office that you can use, or like I said you can type up your own message.

Here is something you can say, “Hey I am calling about your WakeUpNow business. Now I understand that times are tough and maybe you’re not having the success in WakeUpNnow that you thought you would have, I may have a solution for you. You can go ahead and press 1 now and be transferred to me now.” Or you can say “go to” “That way maybe I can help you explode your WakeUpNow business.” Or if they are being transferred to a voicemail you can leave them with that number.

You don’t really want to destroy their WakeUpNow dreams so instead you can take them through a little bit slower process. This is definitely the way that you want to do it.
So your message is going out, you’re getting calls, and when you get those calls you are sending them to your website. The messages that are being left are going to have your website. Now at this point you don’t actually want to be sending them to your personal company website. You want to take them through another step.

What we’re going to do first is we’re going to go over and create a sales funnel. And we’re going to click new funnel. We’re going to create a new page let’s call it wake up now – let’s call it “WakeUpNow Help Line.” We’re going to click the button “click here for backgrounds” and we are going to choose a background for this page.

So let’s choose a background that might appeal to a WakeUpNow rep – maybe just like the background choice here on the right. You can change the background color the text color, and even the color of the opt in box. You can also choose a company logo and go ahead and put that in there. Then we can choose content before the video. For example let’s put, “If you have been struggling to make sales in WakeUpNow then watch this short video to see how you can explode your WakeUpNow business with unlimited leads on demand.”
Now of course each page is up to you. I just want to show you how fast this can be done so we’re just kind of doing this on the fly. Then your company or you might have created a video. You just go and get the video embed code and copy it and paste it right in the form inside our system. You can have some after video content as well.
Below the video you can have any button like “Get The Details.” Then you can put the redirect button, choose your color and what is on the button. We can go down to the next section and choose an autoresponder of your choice. It is integrated with Aweber, GetResponse, and GVO. Then we can have a redirect URL which is where we want the customers to go after they submit their email.

We can also choose to add a phone field so we can capture their phone information. We then force an access code. What we do is force those people to put in an access code that they can only get through their email. This makes sure that they are giving you a legitimate email and that they obviously opted in to get on your list and get their information. That way we know that their information is correct. So we can choose the message that they get and it comes directly from our system.

We also have an optional page 3 where you can add an introductory video or a video giving them a little guidance throughout the process. We are going to choose “no” for now. And then I’m going to go ahead and click Create funnel. Now the funnel is already created right here and here is what it looks like. So this is a little video that we created that just talks about the business Automatic Lead Tools and what it can do for them to help them get leads for their business.

As you can see you can have them put their name, email, and phone number to get the details. After they enter their information and click “get the details” it will send them a message straight to their phone or email address with the access code. Then they come to a page that forces them to enter the access code in order to get your information. When they put their code, that they get instantly, it allows them to continue to the next page, and it redirects to wherever you want it to. In our example we send them to Automatic Lead Tools. That way we can show them how to grow their WakeUpNow business. That is how quickly we have set up our sales process and sales funnel.

Finally, we have our OnDemand Webinars. We can create an OnDemand webinar in just a few minutes by clicking create a webinar and choosing the different times that we want it to play and so forth. Again we can choose the background and the colors and the fonts and can even add a countdown clock. It’s just like when we created our original sales funnel accept with an OnDemand webinar. You can change the colors or add whatever video you like. In the example here is a webinar that we did where we chose a background and our own title and we have it timed here so that a buy button will pop up at whatever specific time that we want.
So you could actually take them to a page just like this right from your redirect from your optin funnel . So right after they submit their name, email address, and phone number they can end up on the page just like this… in other words your own OnDemand webinar. You Can set it so that it only starts at specific times or you can have it set to whatever day of the week, whatever time of the day, or you can allow it to play any time they opt in. If you set it for a specific time when they go to that page it will show them a timer saying the webinar will be starting in 10 minutes or 5 minutes in a countdown timer. This is all automated and you can change it on the fly and do whatever you want with this. That’s how quickly you can have your own automated webinar setup.

So let’s see, we’ve done this in just about 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes we have shown you how:
1. We generated 3000 Plus leads and over a thousand phone numbers
2. We created a personalized message that we sent out to those people.
3. Those people heard the message and they clicked on 1 to be transferred to my phone, or they went to a website.
4. The website could be my sales funnel page. You know I would just buy a domain name and redirect it to that page to keep it simple for them.
5. They go to that page and see the message about whatever it is,
6. They put their name, their phone number, and email address if they want to and now
7.They are automatically in my follow up series and autoresponder system when
8. They get their codes, they put it in, and hit the button and
10. We automatically take them to their presentation for your company, or we can take them right to the on demand webinar that you’ve already created, where they can buy whatever it is that you are offering to them.
11. They can do that by simply hitting the button that appears below the on demand webinar that would pop up just under the video and take them right to the purchase page or however you have that set up.

So I just wanted to do that very quickly show you on the fly exactly how you have everything that you absolutely need here. You have an unlimited supply of Leads, a way to sort through those leads, and find only the hottest prospects that are ready to go right now, and a way to contact those people with the voice broadcaster or with the sales funnel follow-up videos or the on-demand webinars where they can purchase the product right here.

Scott Agee and Stephan Dessalines have built their business completely on autopilot and have not actually closed a sale over the phone in the last 3 years. They have been able to build in the last 3 years a multiple multiple six figure income and business. In fact they just crossed over into a seven-figure business. With Automatic Lead Tools we’re showing people exactly how we do it. Exactly how you can create your own economy by using our amazing automatic lead Tools software.

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