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Automatic Lead Tools comes to mind when I think of the saying that we all know “a workman is only as good as his tools.” If you are going to have a go at a home business it is essential that you plan and prepare, and start with the best tools.

Think about this concept I have explained to people on my teams for many years. I always have people ask me “Do I Need This tool?” or “Do I need that product?” I like to respond this way: imagine you are building a home. And as you are building the home you have to nail the 2×4’s together. Now imagine as you hammer those nails into that wood that you are hammering those nails with your bare knuckles. Pretty painful thought right? Now imagine you had an old shoe you could hammer those nails in with… Less painful but still a long and laborious process. Now, you get sick of beating yourself up and you go out and buy yourself  a hammer. Man, that feels like cloud nine. FINALLY you can make some headway. Hah You might even get a wall up today. Now imagine you go out and borrow some money and you buy yourself a NAIL GUN. Life is easy  now. You can fly along and finally make some progress and their is no more pain involved. THAT is the importance to Make a Decision to Get the Right Tools and you need to Apply it to Your Business as well.

The nice thing is if you are looking for tools to “nail it” in your business Automatic Lead Tools has a great suite of tools to help you move along at a hyper fast rate and really grow your business quickly. So lets go ahead and give you a quick Review of the tools there at your disposal. Like they say on their website they have all the tools creating the complete lead generation system.

First off in their tool belt is their enhanced AutomaticLeadTools lead extractors. They are designed to go out on the Internet and pull from all the search engines and actually get legitimate phone numbers of other business owners, which as we all know are fair game to market to. So if you want to target a group of network marketers that were working some popular business like maybe AVON. You could literally type in AVON into the extractor and hit submit and in just a few minutes it can pull hundreds of AVON reps numbers right off the search  engines.

But next you will want to contact them of course. Now I personally have been using the next type of tool and technique for over a half dozen years to generate thousands of leads and many thousands of dollars in commissions. It is called voice broadcasting.  I did this quick test the other day with the AutomaticLeadTools Voice Broadcaster and had about 21 people call me back after about 15 minutes of work. Pretty hot huh? My cost for the broadcast was less than $4.


The even cooler thing is I had a sign up in the same hour and made a sale of $625 at 70% commission to someone I never even spoke to before. Now I won’t waste a lot of time here but I could definitely go on and on about the voice broadcaster product. After all I have created a complete voice broadcasting training product and it is now being featured inside their system. So I will cut it short here but you can probably tell I get pretty excited about voice broadcasting. Note the times on both the leads coming in above and the Automatic Sign Up into my business on the right.

ALT Complete Lead Generation

They also have a capture page system and sales funnel creator built right into the system. Now sure, it isn’t the highest tech sales funnel creator system in the universe but it will easily do the job most people need very easily. It’s also very newbie friendly, meaning easy to work with and create sales pages, capture pages, and even complete funnels.

Don’t forget about the webinar on demand feature they also have built right into their system. Webinars are the new age of power on the Internet. If you want to make sales on the Internet NOTHING BEATS WEBINARS. And now you have that at your fingertips as well.

But if that isn’t enough ALT pays out huge commissions. I learned early on when I got into this industry that people need to make money fast or they will quit you and your business so fast it will make your head spin. I am talking about making enough money quickly that you could actually replace your job in less than a month. To do that, I figure the absolute minimum commission that you need to be able to make on the front end is at a minimum between $300 and $500. If you really want to make some big bucks you should have an upsell as well and it’s always cool if you have some residual income tied in there as well. But You MUST HAVE THAT DECENT SIZED UP FRONT SALE for you and your team mates to survive.

$10.000 First Month
Do I know what I am talking about? Put it this way, I have earned over $10,000 in the first month in 4 different companies and have been a top earner in 3 companies and 2 tools companies… so far. So yes, I know what it takes to make $10,000 out of the gate. And Yes, Voice Broadcasting is a simple and easy way to start pumping people into your funnel right away.

The pay structure they have in place is pretty powerful. First, the suite of Automatic Tools costs $497 and the $97 is a monthly recurring fee. YOU as a Rep Make $400 UP FRONT. PERFECT! Of the $97 a month you also get a $50 residual monthly income. Nice way to sweeten the pot. By the time you read this ALT will have out it’s incredible training products. (Yes My Training is featured in there too). There is a lot included in that product but you should go look at it since this is more of an “Automatic Lead Tools Review” and not really a sales letter. That product is a $997  one time and pays out hefty $800 commissions.

Everything you need is right here to create your own sales funnels, procure your own leads, and even voice broadcast to them as well as present to them on a live webinar on demand. But they didn’t stop there. See the owners, Scott Agee and Stefan Dessalines, really want you to succeed. So they are even doing the marketing for you. You can sign up for their ALT call center and earn full commissions. They drive the traffic, you answer the phone, read a 6 minute script, and get paid $400 commissions over and over. AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN MARKET YET!

My review is that ALT is HOT! Great profits, great products, great ownership and if you join me you will be on a great team. Feel Free to click the link below and see it all for yourself. I like forward to teaching you the secrets that have made me 100’s of $1000’s of dollars over the years using products just like this one. Take care, God Bless, and Opt in by clicking the banner below!