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Ed Przybylski from Ohio
Professional Network Marketer Top Earner

Ed has been working in Network Marketing since 2003. From a broke struggling Pepsi Truck Driver who didn’t even know what network marketing was to earning 5-figures the very first month. Ed has repeatedly created fast success and become a top earner in 4 different companies. As a multiple six-figure earner Ed has personally sponsored over 450 people into his current company and has generated as many as 200 leads in a single day.

“When I figured out, pretty fast, that the more people you help get financial freedom the more freedom you get, I started making sure I taught my team EXACTLY what I was doing and saying, and what tools I was using. It is great to be able to share the greatest industry in the world and help people achieve the absolute success and financial freedom they deserve.”

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Josephine Morales

My name is Jodie. I am a previous member of ALT. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances, I was forced to resign my membership. I am now prepared to resume my membership. My question is “do I have to start all over enrolling as a “new” customer? Is there perhaps a discounted price for me to resume membership under ADMIN which is how I became a member? I really believe that I need to contact Stephan personally. Will you inquire for me and have him contact or shall I persue contacting him?


Hi Jodie.
Regretfully: I also am a previous member of ALT. Unfortunately I am a previous member because they are no longer.
They Sold to another company – Lead Jumper – who was dedicated to making it viable – but then the new owner at Lead Jumper simply shut down the system.
It is unfortunate as it was a nice business.

If you are looking to Market Anything my recommendations now are:
1) Powerful Marketing Tool:
2) Powerful Affiliate Marketing System:
Some of that is what is helping me prsonally make $100’s of $1,000’s of dollars.

Hope That Helps!

Josephine Morales

Oh wow, yes both great businesses. Thanks for the info and the new lead sites.
Did you say Hundreds of thousands???? Now that’s what I’m after!


Great Josephine! So what opportunity will you be working with?


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