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Here is where you can find out all you need to know about this opportunity to make money. This is a review of “Rush My Free Course” and whether or not you should pursue such an endeavor.

RushMyFreeCourse is a product created by Anthony Lowell. He has been a public speaker dedicated to “trading” in the markets. He is also the author of a book called “How to Trade” which you can find Amazon with a dvd for as little as $25. You can find this book in the midst of other books about day trading and such.

Anthony’s focus on is on ETF’s.
An ETF is an Exchange-Traded Fund. An ETF trades like any common stock on the stock exchange and therefor the prices change throughout the day when they are bought and sold. ETF’s are usually high in daily liquidity meaning the price is very volatile. One advantage that makes them a little more attractive to individuals is the trading fees are lower than mutual funds.

There are also no minimum deposits and you can actually trade one share at a time. This tends to attract a lot of low end investors willing to take some big risks with very small amounts of money hoping to hit it big. Keep in mind though even if you are trading just 1 EFT at a time you still have to pay the normal commission rates to the broker. That often makes your expenses of trading go higher by percentage which means you need to hit it bigger to make a profit.

Unless you are a “market Maker” authorized participant, in other words a large broker/dealer, you are forced to trade in what is called a secondary market.

You should look at the various risks involved.
Risks include tracking errors, stability risks, increased regulatory risks, and what is called counterparty risks. And of course you have heard how many a retirement fund has been laid to waste by day trading. Many of the same day trading principles apply to trading ETF’s.

So of course Anthony has a system. He gives away his free info to sell that system. And of course Anthony claims HIS system works. I once heard of a study that proved that monkeys throwing darts at a board full of stocks could out guess 95% of the brokers out there. Now I am not saying this is the case with Anthony Lowell’s system, but it all depends on how much risk you are willing to take now doesn’t it.

Anthony does go on in one of his videos and talks about people who claim his system doesn’t work. But of course it is the persons fault for not following his system to the T. Now I am not going to criticize Anthony or his course in the least. That would be unfair of me because after reviewing what he was offering and the emails he sent to me I decided against the risk factors. And of course he has worked with some acclaimed people to his credit.

I just personally do not like leaving my fate to chance or to the whims of the money gods. I prefer something I know absolutely that I can leverage over and over again. A franchise like business model that has been proven time and again to duplicate.

Did you know that over 80% of franchise business models succeed while an even higher percent of get rich quick while doing nothing schemes actually fail.

I actually have found a system that is far more solid with far less risk. A system that is an online home franchise model. Meaning you can operate this franchise model from the comfort of your home, your computer, or a tropical beach. You just copy the simple systems, give away little $7 trials, and start earning some nice residuals.

But it even goes further by offering what we call profit maximizers that multiply your profits many times. The nice thing though is, unlike EFT trading, you do not have to risk money over and over for each trade hoping you will hit the big one.

It is far better to have a system where you can be set up and functioning easily in a day. A system that you can duplicate for small wins. Keep leveraging the small wins into bigger and bigger wins until you never have to worry about money again. So before you ask Anthony to rush-my-free-course make sure you check out a proven “Risk Free” system below and if you don’t like it we’ll even refund your tiny trial offer fee quick and with no fuss, no muss.


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